Business planning workshops

Zac really knows his stuff and the way he runs his sessions cuts right into the really important stuff and gives clarity and direction. These can consist of your internal materials such as divisional reports, market analyses, presentations, financials.

Investing in your staff is one of the best investments you'll make for the future of your business. I highly recommend Zac and his mentoring to all. Your group will probably be more energetic if you schedule the event in the morning or late afternoon.

The more work you do, the less we will have to do. There are frequent brainstorm breakouts for small splinter groups to work intensively and quickly on one or more aspect of the plan.

Financial Projections — How much will you generate in sales dollars on a monthly basis. If you have an established company or see one in your future, the Business Changing workshop will give you the best foundation possible. This full day workshop is targeted at those enterprising third sector organisations that are either embarking on digital marketing for the first time or who want to get more from their existing efforts.

The workshop was relaxing yet highly powered. Book now Building resilience: Facilitating effective workshops is a skill that comes with experience. Equally, if we are going to use a framework e.

This course is aimed at individuals within third sector organisations who have budgetary responsibility.

Seminars & Workshops

The workshops are facilitated by procurement experts, with contribution from buyers to give attendees an invaluable insight into the tendering process and equip them with the tools to develop effective tender responses. Our view on business planning is that it is a very serious process.

Zac really does care and really does add value, I can see this already. Once you have proven the concept, the plan becomes a communication tool to present to potential lenders, investors, or partners.

Everyone needs to participate. These will likely keep everyone interested and participating. We start each assignment with fresh eyes and a fresh head. How do we charge??. And after you open the doors, the plan can evolve into an operating guide and a tool to measure your success at reaching goals you set for your business.

Understand everything you'll need to know about Australian business culture and starting a business in Victoria. Objective Setting There are often a multiplicity of objectives from a variety of quarters. Rather than being confined by the traditional outline of a business plan, the planning process is more like a portrait of your business model that communicates how you make money.

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Define the Goals Every workshop must have a goal. And it starts with being a reality check for the entrepreneur. All of our books are complete with index and comprehensive resource sections.

Business Continuity Planning will help your business or organisation to not only survive disruptions, but thrive in the long term.

City of Chicago's Small Business Center on the Road

WREMO is facilitating free workshops across the region to help businesses learn about the basics of continuity planning, and provide easy to use tools to get started on a customised plan that meets their needs. In my experience leading dozens of business planning workshops in countries all over the world, I'd say only about 10% to 15% of teams I've encountered have an effective business planning process.

Stratpad is more than just business planning software, our entire site was created to help you boost your business.

Whether you need information, tips or coaching on how to run your business profitably, or are looking for funds for your business, Stratpad provides the rocket fuel for your business.

The Home of the 4 Hour Investor Grade Business Plan. Faster investor quality documentation using HyperQuestions.

Planning a Workshop

Maine SBDC offers free or low-cost workshops and seminars both in person and online for small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state on topics including starting a business, business planning, Quickbooks, marketing, financials and more.

This sample agenda for a half-day Business Planning workshop is packed tightly, and moves quickly. It starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m., with breaks timed during the hands-on exercises to save time.

Business planning workshops
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Workshops - format and how to run