Facilitating a business planning session

What is the most relevant but also most realistic purpose. It is not just a chat about the possible future, or some blue sky brainstorming with no real purpose, agenda, or consequences hanging on the outcomes of the discussions.

These basic planning steps are useful in any kind of planning, but you will need to deal with each step in more or less detail depending on what you are planning and how complex it is.

I assume there is a planning team. Their aim is to ensure the organization will improve its long run performance. By workshop, I mean a meeting at which people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject.

What makes Strategic Planning Effective. What does this mean for our planning. The team should recognize the distinction between poor execution against a reasonable target and a target that has been set inappropriately high.

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The Role of a Facilitator

Relevant to the key problem or issue you have identified and its causes; Realistic in terms of what you are capable of doing; and Appropriate in terms of the needs you have analysed. As a facilitator, you need to show people why it is useful to set a goal and a purpose and what the difference is between them.

This can simulate some of the process of strategic management that follows agreement of the strategic plan. You know the topics that you want to cover, but how will you make the information fun and memorable for your team. For example, if you are planning an event, like a public meeting, you may be able to move quickly through steps 1 to 5 above and spend the majority of the time on the implementation plan where you decide on your activity plans.

There needs to be at least two phases to any planning process. Will you need to organize accommodation for people who are coming from a long way away.

The coordinated system manifests properties not carried or dictated by individual parts. Key Points There's no doubt that planning a great workshop is a lot of work. How do they see it. Often times, when I feel the entire group is pretty much there, I will have everyone stand up.

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Again, you should not describe the action you will take but the change you intend to produce in the lives of your target group. Give them a chance to relate to one another in the strategy making process. Their experience with many other groups offers valuable insight and new perspectives into what will be most effective in achieving your goals for the planning process.

Facilitating Learning Experiences

You need to analyse how your target groups sees and understands the issues so that you can make sure your message and the way you run your campaign is relevant and appropriate to your target group.

If it is too unrealistic for you to achieve alone, this could be used as your goal. However, this time the grading is based on actual performance instead of anticipated performance. In addition, the team assesses percent complete on each of the strategies undertaken and lessons learned from the year.

Typically I do three key things a few weeks before the retreat. The goal helps you ensure that the purpose is relevant to the large long-term change that is needed. Remember, spend as much time as you can creating fun and interesting group exercises.

Here people should look at whether they think the causes are adequate and accurate and whether the effects are adequate and accurate. Will it make the most effective use of our resources and capacity. Proposals including presentations of electric utility experiences and practical implementations of novel concepts and solutions are encouraged.

In advance of the session, the planning leader prepares a table listing 1 each objective and three-year target for each objective, 2 the current year milestone, 3 who is responsible, 4 the performance year-to-date, 5 the expected performance by fiscal year-end, and 6 a grade column, which should be left blank for the group to fill in during the quarterly review.

Most leaders view planning – specifically strategic planning – as a complex activity. The Drivers Model simplifies the work. The Drivers Model is Leadership Strategies’ proven methodology for helping an organization identify its business problems and construct an effective strategic plan of.

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Many companies embark on a strategic planning process, either formerly or informally. Often, many parties in the organization are involved in the process, and the strategic planning session is a traditional occasion which brings the managers together to discuss the issues facing the company.

Get management and emplyee support for your organization's new strategic direction with these electrifying group activities. Strategic plans are successfuly implemented only when the planning process itself engages every stakeholder and gives everyone a genuine sense of "ownership" of the new organizational strategy.

I assume there is a planning team. This consists of managers, with requisite roles and responsibilities. In strategic planning, a workshop is a meeting at which a planning team engages in intensive discussion and activity on the big issues facing the organization.

The empty planning board showing six Sprints worth of planning ahead.

Facilitating a business planning session
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Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitation